YKM Jump Rope Bag

Jump Rope Bag

Creative shopping bags with jump rope handles designed by TBWA for YKM stores in Istanbul, Turkey.

Jump Rope Shopping Bag


YKM, one of Turkey’s largest department stores, asked us to design shopping bags that would be used in their sports
department targeting young consumers.

YKM Jump Rope Bag


As an insight, we knew that consumers do not only use shopping bags during the course of shopping, but they also use it many times afterwards as a way to transport other things.

Therefore, we decided to take advantage of this interactive form of media by designing attractive shopping bags that the consumers would like to continue to use post-purchase.

YKM Jump Rope Bags


In just one week, all 10,000 shopping bags which were given to the stores in Istanbul ran out due to high demand.

There were even requests made by consumers to purchase these shopping bags for money.