Full Circle Bicycle

Full Circle Bicycle

Seoul Style folding bicycle designed by Sanghyun Jeong and Jun-tae Park.

It is a compact city bike with big 20″ wheels for easy navigation.

Unlike traditional bikes, it has no chains and features a simple folding structure. Perfect for busy urban life!

Seoul Style Bicycle

One unique feature of the Full Circle Bicycle is that it does not have a chain.

Instead, it has a free wheel gear directly connected to the pedals.

While it may resemble a fixed gear bike, it’s not the same.

Full Circle Bicycle has an innovative folding structure.

This means you can easily and quickly fold and unfold it, even in a busy downtown area or on the subway.

Almost all parts, including the saddle and handlebars, can be folded for maximum portability.

Full Circle Bicycle by Sanghyun Jeong and Jun-tae Park

Large bicycle wheels make it easy to navigate through busy cities like Seoul, where smaller-wheeled bikes usually struggle.