Chicken Chair

Chicken Chair

The Chicken Chair by Sebastian Errazuriz is a unique piece of furniture that incorporates a live chicken into its design.

Did you know that more than 8 billion chickens are consumed in the US every year?

Chicken Chair makes us think about our relationship with these animals.

Chicken Chair by Sebastian Errazuriz

Sebastian ErrazurizĀ came up with the idea by drawing a chair with a chicken cage underneath it.

Even though his friends and wife thought it was silly, he loved it and decided to bring the chair to life.

The Chicken Chair by Sebastian Errazuriz

The artist wanted to make sure the chicken was comfortable, so he made the cage just the right size and put the chair on top.

Sitting on the chicken chair might seem weird, but it also reminds humans about how we use animals for food.

Sebastian Errazuriz Chicken Chair

Sebastian Errazuriz wants people to be aware of how the animals they eat are treated, and he thinks the Chicken Chair will help with that.

Example of how art and design can intersect with ethical and existential themes.