Handbag Umbrella

Handbag Umbrella

Inside Out umbrella designed by Seung Hee Son can be neatly folded and transformed into a small handbag.

Traditional umbrellas often leave a mess when brought indoors.

This innovative umbrella solves this issue by fully inverting into a small bag, allowing the wet part to be contained.

It is achieved by flipping over the umbrella’s outer cloth and revealing a dry inner layer that wraps around the wet umbrella.

Handbag Umbrella by Seung Hee Son

Don’t let rain ruin your day! With the Handbag Umbrella, you can stay dry and stylish at the same time.

Inside Out Umbrella by Seung Hee Son

By turning over one portion of umbrella’s outer cloth inside out,
the inner laver-dry cloth appears and wraps the wet umbrella.