Coca-Cola Zero Inverted Pyramid

Coca-Cola Zero Inverted Pyramid

Inverted pyramids made of neatly stacked Coca-Cola Zero bottles created by Leo Burnett to promote Coke ZERO in the Philippines.

“Real Coke Taste ZERO Sugar”


All of our materials, even POS, had to reflect Coke Zero’s equity: making the impossible possible.

In groceries where everything would blend into the shelves, it seemed impossible to stand out. Our task was to disprove that.


Coke Zero bottles and cans were neatly stacked into an inverted pyramid Рan unthinkable yet functional spectacle for shoppers.


The Inverted Pyramid display vividly separated Coke Zero from the sea of sodas on the shelves.

Clear proof was the 13% sales increase in select supermarkets and groceries since installation of the special stands.

Enjoy the real taste of Coca-Cola in zero sugar beverage.