Bzzz Honey Packaging

Bzzz Honey Packaging

Wooden beehive packaging for jars of Armenian honey.

Bzzz Honey Packaging by Backbone Studio

Backbone Studio was tasked with developing a name, logo, and packaging for a local honey manufacturer in Armenia.

After creating hexagon-shaped cupboard packages, they were asked to create limited edition honey jars as a business gift.

Initial sketches, inspired by biomimicry, served as the packaging concept, resulting in a wooden hive design for the jars.

Backbone Studio Bzzz Honey

Bzzz Honey is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves high-quality, natural honey.

Bzzz Honey by Backbone Studio

Creative wooden wrapper resembling a beehive, hides a jar of honey to evoke the message of nature, ecology, and pure taste.

Bzzz Honey