Smiley Screw

Smile Screw

Smiley Face Screws designed by Japanese studio Yuma Kano will bring a smile to your face.

Smiley Screw

The concept of the design is the enjoyment of sharing the joy of discovering small surprises with others.

Smiley Screwdriver

Imagine the smile on the face of a person when they discover a screw with a smiling face.

Yuma Kano Smiley Screw

Smiley screw is more than just an ordinary screw. It is a product designed to bring joy and positive emotions to regular people.

Smiling Face Screw

Designer was trying to give expression to the ordinary screw.

Make it more than a simple mass-produced item.

Smiley is a universal icon and now it is a screw.

Smiley Face Screw

Collaborative project with Komuro Industry, a screw factory in East Osaka, Japan.